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Rize Tropikal Limited Company was established in 1993 and is engaged in the production and trade of agricultural products. Since its establishment, many agricultural products have been produced and traded, especially industrial and retail hazelnut, kiwi and blueberry. Our brand, which stepped into the sector with hazelnut production in 1993, has added fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables and tea products to our portfolio in addition to hazelnut production and has become the best Regional Brand of Rize.


In 2012, we received Organic Agriculture Certificate in our region within the scope of Organic Fruit production project. In this context, we produce organic kiwi, organic hazelnut, organic blueberry, organic fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, tea and honey products with our over 600 producers.


Rize Tropikal


Organic Production

Among the primary objectives of our Rize Tropikal brand, under the name of Organic Agriculture, are to introduce new fruit and vegetable species that can adapt to the climatic conditions of our region to our producers and to create assurance in the marketing of these products. It also aims to contribute to the country's economy by exporting these products.

For a healthier world

To take an active role in our sector and region with new investments while meeting the needs of our customers for fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables, dried fruits and tea. To add value to our business partners and society by ensuring the development of our region.

It contributes to raising the standards in the sector by following new information and technologies all over the world on issues such as fruit, vegetable and hazelnut cultivation, harvesting, standardization, storage, packaging and logistics.

To be among the companies that come to mind in the products we grow worldwide with our brand integrated with organic, health, quality and trust in the Fresh Fruit, Vegetable, Dried Fruit and Hazelnut sector.

We believe in 100% traceability for every product