Sustainable Practices

Our aim at Rize Tropical Organic Products is to grow food in a way that will nourish the soil, protect wildlife and benefit people's health. In this process, we are audited by many certification institution. We grow products in accordance with ISO 22000, ISO 9000, European Organic, Amarika Organic and Global GAP standards.

Orchard Management​

  • Our orchard management methods minimize spraying and other applications that harm the environment. (We do not use pesticides in our gardens where we produce organically.)
  • We manage the problems in the garden with practices such as careful mowing and monitoring of growing conditions.
  • We use natural predators such as ladybug beetles to remove as much harmful residue as possible.
  • We use the least amount of pesticides and fungicides in the most scientific and responsible way. (Not used in organic production.)

Agricultural Water Protection​

Here’s how we can determine how much water is needed to maximize productivity while minimizing water waste:

  • Accurately measuring and monitoring soil moisture.

  • Using irrigation flow meters to calculate the efficiency of irrigation systems and identify leaks.

  • With these methods, we can conserve water and use it efficiently.

Soil Operations​

  • We work with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Certified farms to ensure that crops are free of bacterial contaminants and the soil is properly fed for the long-term viability of farmland.

Corporate Office Energy Reduction

  • We have optimized the energy savings of our office space according to the Ministry of Energy guidelines. Computers plug directly into wall sockets and are turned off at the end of the shift. Power cord usage is minimized.

    We use motion-sensor lights in many parts of our facility and have replaced the bulbs with high-efficiency alternatives. Each desk area has a recycling bin.

Packaging, Shipping

  • Most of our products are consumables. We use high quality baskets and tower boxes that can be reused or recycled.

Health and Safety

  • Rize Tropikal Organic Products ensures the safety of its employees and the use of resources to reduce carbon footprint and waste while maintaining the company office, packaging warehouses, product reception warehouses and cold storages.